Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Favorites

Hey everyone! It is been such a long time since I have done this but your girl is back! I have picked up a lot of new things (and some old favorites) that I have want to share. Let's get started!

Victoria Secrets Fantasies Body Sprays
Okay, this defiantely is not only  a January favorite as I have been wearing these fragrances for YEARS. I remember that day that my mom gave me a bottle of Love Potion  back in the 7th grade. It was love at first smell. Ever since a bottle of Love Potion and Pure Seduction are a must for me at all times. These fragrances are nothing short of amazing. I am also loving the new packaging of these fragrances. The pops of color and the chic sleek silhouette are very appealing to the eye.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap
For the past year I have been dealing with lots of hormonal acne. Because it was getting so bad I decided to get a microdermabrasion & extractions (blog post coming soon). I now have quite a few scars and hyperpigmentation on my face. I have always heard that African black soap has many benefits so I decided to see for my self. While the soap improves skin tone, heals problem skin, and much more my favorite property of this soap is the fact that it helps to fade discoloration. And not to mention the soap is very inexpensive. I actually snagged 2 at Walgreens during their BOGO free sales.

Maybelline Fit ME! Matte + Poreless Foundation
This foundation right here is the truth. It has been my go to foundation for quite sometime. What I love most about this foundation is the fact that is lives up to it's name. The foundation is not an extreme matte but it is extremely long lasting with a flawless finish. What else can a girl ask for?

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish
Speaking of a flawless finish this powder has become my favorite. It can be hard to find a powder that does not make you appear cakey, but this one is a winner. If I am going for a natural look I will apply this over a BB cream and be out the door. It is super light and gives me a very natural look.

NYX Butter Gloss
I normally opt for matte lips but as you all know matte lips and cold weather do NOT mix. For this reason I have rekindled my love for lip gloss. I picked these up on a whim when I saw them at CVS for 50% off. The gloss is very pigmented & not overly sticky. They also come in a variety of colors all named after sweet desserts. Pictured here are "Apple Strudel" and "Cherry Cheesecake"

Essie Nail Color, Bahama Mama
I have been on the hunt for a nice burgundy colored nail polish for quite sometime. When I came across this nail color I knew that I had to have it. Initially I thought that it would be a burgundy color but to my surprise it was a actually a deep plum/burgundyish color. It definatlely was not what I was going for but I loved it! I loved it so much that I used it in my press on nail tutorial (which you can check out here). 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year, New Hair

Hey everyone. First and foremost I must say happy new year! I hope your year is off to a great start. To bring in the new year I decided to revisit one of my old looks. Do you remember the time that I created an ombré crochet wig? If not check it out here. It was literally one of my favorite hairstyles of mine in 2015 so I decided to revisit it. Out of curiosity and and urge to switch it up I brought this bad boy back out & decided to revamp it by using flexi rods and to my surprise it turned out pretty good.  Want to see how I achieved the look? Click below!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Salon Perfect Nails in Minutes: Press on Nails

I have never been a fan of getting my nails done in a salon. In my opinion it can sometimes be a hassle and very expensive. For this reason I have recently fell in love with press ons. Not only are they cheap (the ones pictured are only 1 buck from Dollar General) but there are endless possibilities when it comes to styles. 

Check out my quick press on nail tutorial HERE.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

4 Quick & Easy Headwrap/Turban Styles

Fall is finally here and in full effect. While there are many things that I DO love about this season (makeup, fashion, weather, etc.) doing my hair is NOT one of them, lol. For this reason I have fallen in love with headwraps and turbans. For a lazy natural like me it is the perfect protective style, and not to mention it is easy to create many different looks.  Check out how I achieved these looks below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for the latest.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Travel Diaries: Miami, Florida

Its 10:30 am on September 5th the day before my birthday. I am packed up and quite excited to be going on a much needed get away. My boyfriend Jerry and I decided in honor of my special day we would go on a very small road trip to the closest beach about 4 hours away. As he picked me up that Saturday morning he had something bigger in store. With help from mom they both presented me two plane tickets to Miami, one for him and one for myself! Needless to say I was b e y o n d excited (especially since I've never been on an airplane before). After I composed my self and showered by mother and Jerry with hug and kisses we were out the door and on our way to the airport.
The trip itself was AMAZING. On my previous trip to the Bahamas (check out my Bahamas Travel Diary here) we were not able to visit any of the beaches due to the weather. This time around mother nature was on our side and we were able to enjoy the scenic beaches and explore the city of South Beach.
While walking around and exploring the city was fun, of course since were in Miami we had to do it big. We rented a 2014 Ford Mustang in order to do so and a drop top was oh so necessary. We crusied around the city and enjoyed a low key evening in the heart of Miami for my birthday.
This is by far one of the best birthdays I have ever had. For the past few years I have been unenthusiastic about birthdays. The concept of getting older is a constant reminder of where I want to be in life. It was not until recently that I have realized that birthdays should be celebrated. Not only are you blessed to see another year but I have also realized that you are only as old as you feel. Age is simply a concept. Being in my early 20s is very difficult especially as a recent college grad but I am figuring myself out taking things one day at a time, cherishing everyday and always living in the moment. Living this way will help you feel forever young. Am I where I want to be in life? No. But am I okay with it? Absolutely. I am figuring out myself more and more each day and I am truly blessed to be able to learn and grow for many years to come. For that reason I am celebrating. Heres to another year!



Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nyx Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade + Nyx Micro Brow Pencil

As you all may know I am a sucker for eyebrows. I have noticed the craze that has been associated with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products particularly the Brow Wiz pencil and the Dip Brow pomade so being the frugalista that I am I decided to do a little searching and I found dupes for the both of them.
Nyx has really been stepping it up in 2015. That have released many new products and I managed to get my hands on two of them. I found Nyx's Micro Brow Pencil and their Tame and Frame Brow Pomade at Ulta. They both retail for 7.99 which is more that half the price of both of the Anastasia Beverly Hills products.

Here is how I use the two products to do my brows:


Step 1: I started off by grooming the brow using the spoolie brush found on the MicroBrow Pencil.

Step 2: Using the other side of the Micro Brow pencil I then outlined the shape of the brow.

Step 3: After filling in my brows using the Tame & Frame brow pomade I then went in with LA Girl's Pro Conceal in Medium Beige to clean the bottom of my brow

Step 4: Lastly I blended out the concealer and created a gradient effect at the front of the brow using the Nyx Micro Brow Pencil's spoolie brush.

Final verdict

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil
This pencil is seriously a bang for your buck. I love how the pencil has a spoolie brush attatched to make grooming a cinch. The only slight downside about the product is the color. The shade esspresso has a slight red undertone to it which I was not expecting. Other than that I would highly recommend this pencil. With the small precise pencil tip you will be able to create perfect natural looking brows.

Nyx Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade
Comparing the two products I would have to say that I prefer this one. Although it does require more work (on my opinion) the staying power of of this stuff is amazing. The color perfect  & the pomade will have your brows laid (literally!). Surprisingly it also comes with a lot of product as well so I won't need to replace this product any time soon.

Overall I truly do enjoy both of these products. Together they create a flawless brow and not to mention for a wonderful price. Both of the products come in a variety of colors that are sure to suit anybody. If you are looking for a great alternative to the ever so popular Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products these are the way to go. Check out my everyday eyebrow routine using the two products here.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Styling Crochet Braids | Curly Voluminous Bob

It has been a while since I made my YouTube debut, but I am back on it. As you all know I'm no stranger to switching it up. Nazanin Mandi has been a hair crush of mine for the longest (check her out here) simply because she rocks her curly bob so beautifully. So feeling a little inspired I decided to steal the look, protective styling style of course. Click below to watch how I transformed my crochet braids into this fun bob (and don't forget to like and subscribe).