Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Salon Perfect Nails in Minutes: Press on Nails

I have never been a fan of getting my nails done in a salon. In my opinion it can sometimes be a hassle and very expensive. For this reason I have recently fell in love with press ons. Not only are they cheap (the ones pictured are only 1 buck from Dollar General) but there are endless possibilities when it comes to styles.

Check out my quick press on nail tutorial HERE.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

4 Quick & Easy Headwrap/Turban Styles

Fall is finally here and in full effect. While there are many things that I DO love about this season (makeup, fashion, weather, etc.) doing my hair is NOT one of them, lol. For this reason I have fallen in love with headwraps and turbans. For a lazy natural like me it is the perfect protective style, and not to mention it is easy to create many different looks.  Check out how I achieved these looks below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for the latest.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Travel Diaries: Miami, Florida

Its 10:30 am on September 5th the day before my birthday. I am packed up and quite excited to be going on a much needed get away. My bae and I decided in honor of my special day we would go on a very small road trip to the closest beach about 4 hours away. As he picked me up that Saturday morning he had something bigger in store. With help from mom they both presented me two plane tickets to Miami, one for him and one for myself! Needless to say I was b e y o n d excited (especially since I've never been on an airplane before). After I composed my self and showed my mama and bae with hug and kisses we were out the door and on our way to the airport.

The trip itself was AMAZING. On my previous trip to the Bahamas (check out my Bahamas Travel Diary here) we were not able to visit any of the beaches due to the weather. This time around mother nature was on our side and we were able to enjoy the scenic beaches and explore the city of South Beach.

While walking around and exploring the city was fun, of course since were in Miami we had to do it big. We rented a 2014 Ford Mustang in order to do so and a drop top was oh so necessary. We cruised around the city and enjoyed a low key evening in the heart of Miami for my birthday.

This is by far one of the best birthdays I have ever had. For the past few years I have been unenthusiastic about birthdays. The concept of getting older is a constant reminder of where I want to be in life. It was not until recently that I have realized that birthdays should be celebrated. Not only are you blessed to see another year but I have also realized that you are only as old as you feel. Age is simply a concept. Being in my early 20s is very difficult especially as a recent college grad but I am figuring myself out taking things one day at a time, cherishing everyday and always living in the moment. Living this way will help you feel forever young. Am I where I want to be in life? No. But am I okay with it? Absolutely. I am figuring out myself more and more each day and I am truly blessed to be able to learn and grow for many years to come. For that reason I am celebrating. Heres to another year!



Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nyx Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade + Nyx Micro Brow Pencil

As you all may know I am a sucker for eyebrows. I have noticed the craze that has been associated with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products particularly the Brow Wiz pencil and the Dip Brow pomade so being the frugalista that I am I decided to do a little searching and I found dupes for the both of them.

Nyx has really been stepping it up in 2015. That have released many new products and I managed to get my hands on two of them. I found Nyx's Micro Brow Pencil and their Tame and Frame Brow Pomade at Ulta. They both retail for 7.99 which is more that half the price of both of the Anastasia Beverly Hills products.

Here is how I use the two products to do my brows:


Step 1: I started off by grooming the brow using the spoolie brush found on the MicroBrow Pencil.

Step 2: Using the other side of the Micro Brow pencil I then outlined the shape of the brow.

Step 3: After filling in my brows using the Tame & Frame brow pomade I then went in with LA Girl's Pro Conceal in Medium Beige to clean the bottom of my brow

Step 4: Lastly I blended out the concealer and created a gradient effect at the front of the brow using the Nyx Micro Brow Pencil's spoolie brush.

Final verdict

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil
This pencil is seriously a bang for your buck. I love how the pencil has a spoolie brush attatched to make grooming a cinch. The only slight downside about the product is the color. The shade esspresso has a slight red undertone to it which I was not expecting. Other than that I would highly recommend this pencil. With the small precise pencil tip you will be able to create perfect natural looking brows.

Nyx Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade
Comparing the two products I would have to say that I prefer this one. Although it does require more work (on my opinion) the staying power of of this stuff is amazing. The color perfect  & the pomade will have your brows laid (literally!). Surprisingly it also comes with a lot of product as well so I won't need to replace this product any time soon.

Overall I truly do enjoy both of these products. Together they create a flawless brow and not to mention for a wonderful price. Both of the products come in a variety of colors that are sure to suit anybody. If you are looking for a great alternative to the ever so popular Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products these are the way to go. Check out my everyday eyebrow routine using the two products here.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Styling Crochet Braids | Curly Voluminous Bob

It has been a while since I made my YouTube debut, but I am back on it. As you all know I'm no stranger to switching it up. Nazanin Mandi has been a hair crush of mine for the longest (check her out here) simply because she rocks her curly bob so beautifully. So feeling a little inspired I decided to steal the look, protective styling style of course. Click below to watch how I transformed my crochet braids into this fun bob (and don't forget to like and subscribe).

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Keeping up with Kilah

Hey everyone!  Long time no blog post. I apologize for such a long hiatus, but the truth is that I have been working on me in e v e r y aspect (which is another blog post for another day, I promise). But I am now back & better than ever! As the month of August approaches I am determined to dedicate more time to my blog. I have lot that I have been working on and I cannot wait to show you all. While I was not blogging I have been snapping away on the 'gram. Here are a couple of my posts via Instagram to catch up.

On my spring wish list I had these sandals from Zara which are no longer available. I have my fingers crossed that they will eventually restock, but to hold me over until then I found these almost identical knock offs of them (without the heel). These are so perfect for the summer. They go with many of my outfits and not to mention the price was fabulous (you can't beat $15 bucks)! GoJane never disappoints.

I have recently started to rekindle my love for reading. These are two of  my favorites from my collection. Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin and Style by Lauren Conrad (who also happens to have an amazing Instagram page).

A couple months ago I had the honor of taking graduation pictures for my lovely bff, Jennie. This was one of my favorite shots from the shoot. I love photography and I am always trying to improve and develop my skills.

Every now & then I like to be a fly gal & get my nails done (hence the Missy Elliot reference), but believe it or not these are actually press ons that I purchased from the dollar store. The color used is "Nice is Nice" by Essie.
If you don't already be sure to follow me on Instagram @kilahmazing for the latest.



Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ombré Crochet Wig + YouTube Debut

Another day, another hairstyle. Crochet wigs have become one of my favorite go-to styles.  This is a style that I have sported on numerous occasions (see here), but this time I decided to experiment with some color. This style is unique and perfect for the summer and requires very little hair manipulation (I have NO hair left out). And yes ladies & gents, I'm FINALLY on YouTube! I have been talking about making YouTube videos for the longest and I have finally built up the courage to do so. Check out my tutorial for this look and tell me what you think. Please also make sure that you like, comment, and subscribe! I have so much in store for my channel so stay tuned...


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Travel Diaries: The Bahamas

In honor of my recent graduation I decided that a vacation was a necessity.  My lovely bf and I did lots of contemplation and research and eventually decided that a cruise would be the best value for us. We traveled to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas ship.

We spent the first couple of days at sea exploring the ship  and enjoying the entertainment. By day we were hanging poolside and by nigh we were enjoying the many events that the cruise had planned. They even had a nightclub in which Jerry & enjoyed a few drinks & whipped out my best dance moves (my dougie is UNMATCHED, okay?!). By no surprise the food on the ship was A1 (see what I did there?). Consequentially I ended up gaining five pounds. I mean with an all you can eat buffet and 5 star meals served every night how could I not?

Our first stop was Nassau. It was raining on and off a majority of the day so we skipped the beach and spent our day exploring the beautiful island. Our day consisted of good eats, touring the city, and embracing the Bahamian culture.

Unfortunately due to inclement whether we were not able to enjoy the cruise's private  island of Coco Cay, but that did not kill the fun. The cruise ship offered more than enough entertainment to keep smiles on our faces and our spirits up lifted. I enjoyed just being able to relax poolside as we drifted in the seas and not to mention the exquisite meals that were served.

Things That I Learned From The Trip
  • Go with the flow
  • Prior to your trip set up a roaming data plan
  • Protective styling is a MUST
  • To log out of social media & live in the moment sometimes
Ultimately this trip taught me how to just wing it. Mother nature decided to rain on our parade for a couple of days, however this did not take away from our get away. For the value that comes along with going on a cruise and the experience as a whole it was all worth it. After such a good cruise experience we have actually decided to go on another cruise to Haiti & Jamaica sometime in the near future. Just being able to have an experience like this was a true blessing and exactly what I needed in my life. I have resided in Georgia my entire life & have been only to the surrounding states. Traveling is something that I want to do more in the future. It is a true dream of mine to be able to travel the world. Traveling is not only getting away, but it allows you to open your mind and see the world in a different way. 

"I have't been everywhere, but its on my list" - Susan Sontag


Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Favorites

I'm sitting here in disbelief. Where did March go? Its crazy how fast these months are flying by. April is here, but I couldn't let March pass without sharing my favorite products of the month with you all.

Making Faces
As I mentioned in my previous post I am in love with beauty books. With my horrible case of senioritis I tend to be studying them instead of my school work. Kevin Aucoin's Making Faces is jam packed with make up looks. Although the book was published in the 90's (my all time favorite era) the looks in the book still continue to slay in 2015. With gorgeous photos of many iconic celebrities and great pictorial illustrations this book is something that every beauty lover should have in their collection.

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque
Okay, I'm lying this isn't quite a March favorite, this is an all time favorite. With my thick and sometimes unmanageable 4C hair this stuff works wonders. I wash my hair with my favorite shampoo then follow by deep conditioning. It leaves my hair super moisturized and over time my hair has become much stronger. The whole Shea Moisture line work wonders on my hair, but this conditioner an absolute must for me.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream
I love anything matte. A couple weeks ago CVS had a sale on Nyx lip products so it was only right for me to snag one. Although I really wanted the infamous Abu Dahbi  color my local CVS was sold out of it so I went with this peachy pink nude - London. Perfect for an everyday nude this matte cream gets a 10 from me. With the consistency of a lip balm, this lip cream looks beautiful lined with brown lip liner or under a nude lip gloss (my favorite is Bare by Milani, pictured above)

Revlon Perfumerie Nail Polish
Not only are these nail polishes adorable, but they are scented. What I love most about these polishes are the colors. They come in a plethora of colors, but I picked up Apricot Nectar, African Tea Rose, and Pink Pineapple which are all perfect for the spring (and smell amazing).

Well, that wraps up my March favorites. Maybe I'l make this a monthly thing. Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Face of the Day

After adding Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual and Kevin Aucoin's Making Faces to my book collection (both highly recommended) a couple of moths ago, I have rekindled my love for makeup. Ever since I can remember I have always opted for neutral colors. For this reason when I came across the Comfort Zone palette by Wet n Wild I knew I had to add it to my collection. It is perfect for a simple golden smokey eye which is one of my all time favorite go-to looks.

Along with a smokey golden eye. I decided to try contouring for the first time (yes, your girl is trying to step her makeup game up). After hearing such rave reviews about the L.A. Girl's ProCoceal HD Concealer I had to see what all the hype was about, and let me tell you all, this product definately lives up to it's hype. It gives me the perfect natural looking contour for cheap (under 3 bucks on most sites online). The tube even came with a little applicator tip that made application of the concealer a cinch.

I love the fact that dark hues and natural lip colors that were once popular in the 90s are making a comeback. I finished off the look my my favorite lipstick Mocha-licious by Wet n Wild which is the perfect nude lip color for any occasion.

Products Used
Revlon ColorStay - 380 Rich Ginger
Maybelline Pure BB Cream - Medium/Deep
Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation - Medium Dark (not pictured)
Pur Minerals Marble Powder
L.A. Girl ProConeal HD Concealer - Cocoa

Wet n Wild Color Icon Pallet - Comfort Zone
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner
Beauty Supply Store Lashes

Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color - Mocha-Licious

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

As I am wrapping up my last semester as an undergrad I have been doing a lot of reflection on the last few years of my college attendence. Upon graduating from high school I was at a stand still, but I knew that furthering my education would be the best move for me. While I considered community college in attempts to save money, I ultimately decided that I wanted a true college experience by going to a university, The years have flown by and in less than 3 months I will be receiving my bachelors degree in marketing. I am excited yet I am truly scared of what is in store once graduate, however there is no doubt in my mind that I will not be successful. Here are a few things that I wish I could go back and tell myself before attending college.

1. Do Not Be Afraid To Leave Your Significant Other At Home
The summer before getting ready to go off to college I found myself a relationship. When the summer ended we were both wondering what would be next. I didn't want to let things end, but little did I know having a relationship back home would only hurt me more than it would help me. As hard as it was I eventually had to let go. Having a significant other back home may cause a lot of emotional stress and it may also cause you to miss out on a lot of great people. Months after finally cutting ties with him I met the current love of my life at a party at a mutual friends and we hit it off immediately. We have been in a relationship for almost 3 years (!!!) and I honestly could not be any happier. So if you are contemplating whether or not to leave him back at home take that chance! If it is meant to be it will work itself out, if not free yourself and enjoy your college experience the way that you should. You never know you may walk out of college with the love of your life <3

2. It Is Okay To Be Confused
Fresh out of high school it is hard to make decisions about your life in the future. For this reason it is okay for you major to be undecided as you enter college. Over time you will find a subject that will interest you so much that you would want to make a career out of it. When I first entered college I thought that I wanted to be an accountant. Huge mistake. After switching my major a couple of times throughout out my freshman and sophomore years I decided that marketing would be a great major for me.

3. College Is Nothing Like High School
Once I started school I knew that it would be a fresh start for me. Little did I know that college would be nothing like high school. For the most part this was a good thing . Being an introvert back in high school with only a few good friends, it was great to get be in a setting where I wasn't seeing the same people/cliques that I was seeing for the past 4 years. My freshman year of college I got to know a lot of great people. On there other hand college coursework is nothing like the work in high school, Back in the day I excelled in a majority of my classes by doing the bare minimum. In college this will not fly. You must put aside time to study for your courses or you will be pulling all-nighters the day before papers and tests are due in the library (as I was).

4. Take Advantage Of The Counseling Department
It was not until recently that I realized how truly helpful counselors and advisors can be. They help put you on the right path while you are making your way through college. Remember these people were once in your shoes: young college students with little guidance. They completely understand how hard it is to be so young and making decisions that will affect your career in the future. Not only are they great for advice, but actually take the time to get to know theses individuals personally. After getting to know you on a personal level they may be able to write you a great reference letter for jobs and internships in the future.

5. The Importance Of Internships
The best way to gain experience within your field is to intern. Over the past year I have gained lots of knowledge by interning. I have had opportunity become a social media intern for 4cHairChick Media Group (which was an amazing experience, btw) and most recently started interning for the marketing and communications department at my school. Overall I have gained and developed skills that will help me in the long run. Whether its paid or unpaid, having an internship not only looks good on your resume, but you will gain knowledge and insight that can last a lifetime. I have had the best of  luck finding internships online using Indeed and, but even your school's career services can help you find the perfect internship for you.

4 years is a long time to spend in school. Why not make the best of it? Trust me it is going to fly by and the next thing you will know you will be walking across that stage with a diploma in your hand. Laugh, network, make friends, fall in love, pick up a new hobby, join a club or organization, and study hard! College is a life changing experience in which you will learn not only academically, but you will also learn about yourself.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm In Love With the Coco

Along with a majority of the natural hair community, as of late I have recently become a coconut oil enthusiast.  Not only is it great for cooking and for the skin, but it is also great for natural hair care. While it may be disguised as a cooking oil in your local grocery store in reality this stuff is magic in a jar that can work wonders on kinky textured hair!

One of coconut oil's unique characteristics is the fact that it is a penetrative oil. Because of its fatty acid and small molecular structures (yeah, I did some research) coconut oil is good for the hair because it penetrates the hair unlike like most oils which sit on top of the hair shaft. Many naturals use coconut oil as a pre-poo treatment (I know, the word sounds very inappropriate, but for those of you who are not familiar with the term  pre-pooing it simply means to apply product to you hair before washing to prevent shampoo from stripping your hair of its natural oils). Using coconut oil prior to shampooing will help protect  your hair from breakage all while making your hair significantly softer, easier to detangle, and moisturized.

While coconut oil is most effective when used on wet hair, it can also be used as sealant on dry hair. When used on dry hair the oil will not penetrate the hair, but don't let this stop you form using it! Apply your favorite water based leave in conditioner then apply coconut oil to prevent the water from the leave in conditioner from evaporating from you hair. The result? Hair that will be able to remain moisturized for longer.

This is just a glimpse of what coconut oil can do. After discovering coconut oil about a year ago I have not been disappointed. Whether it is being used to help your hair flourish or to give your skin a smooth silky feeling, coconut oil has slowly made its way into my hair and skin care regimens.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Crochet Wig

First and foremost I must wish everyone a happy new year! To start the new year off I decided to try something different. As you may (or may not) know I love protective styling. After my the last set of crochet braids that I posted (see here), I have a new-found love for crochet braids. For this reason I decided to try something new by making a crochet braid wig. I had tons of fun creating this look. Continue reading for more details.

What You Will Need
6 packs of Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid 16 inches
(I initially intended to use only 4 packs but I ended up using 6. Anywhere form 4 to 6 packs would be perfectly fine depending on how full you want your wig.)
Crochet needle
Mannequin head
Weaving cap
Perm rods

Step 1
To ease the process of curling the hair I decided to precurl the strands of hair. After taking the hair out of the pack I brushed it out, cut it in half, and wrapped the strands around pink perm rods. I then put the perm rods into a bowl adding boiling water. After letting the rods sit in the bowl of hot water for about 20 seconds I then put the rods onto a towel and let them sit for about 10 minutes.

Step 2
After the strands were curled I then crocheted the hair onto a weaving cap. Using the crochet needle with the clasp down I inserted the needle through about 3 or 4 of the holes. I then added strand of the hair to the hooks, closed the clasp pulled the hair through and tied a firm knot.

Step 3 
Once all the hair has been crocheted on the the weaving cap I then went back and trimmed some of the excess hair and shaped the hair to my face.

I am so in love with how this wig turned out. If you are looking for a cheap  protective style for this winter season this is definitely the way to go. I plan on rocking this wig for the next couple of weeks or until my next sporadic decision to change my hair. Until next time ❤