Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cheap Prescription Eyewear | Firmoo Review

For those of you who don't know, I wear glasses 24/7. I've have tried contacts on & off throughout the years, but I always find my self returning to my glasses simply for the ease of them. I love being able to wake up grab my glasses and go about my day. For this reason when Firmoo reached out to me to review a pair of their glasses I was ecstatic. Firmoo Optical is on online retailer that provides eye wear at an affordable price. All of the frames on their website are no more than $39 bucks!

The frames in particular that I chose were these large over sized tortoise gold accented frames. I was a bit skeptical at first thinking that they slightly overwhelmed my face, but they eventually grew on me and I fell in love. While this color I am wearing is not available at the moment here is the exact pair in black. My experience ordering the frames was wonderful. I found what I liked, added my prescription, placed my order and the rest was history. While the shipping does take about 2 weeks I would say that the wait is worth it. These glasses exceeded my expectations and I will be ordering again very soon (ya girl is trying to step her glasses game all the way up)!

I feel that when you are wearing glasses your make should be on point considering the fact that glasses will become the focal point of your face. In my latest video I'm sharing my everyday makeup tutorial for glasses + some very useful tips. I'm also sharing how you you can get your own FREE pair of glasses. Please and don't' forget to like and subscribe to my channel for the latest. Also don't forget to check out Firmoo.com. You won't regret it :)